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Compare Digital Signage Solutions

doPublicity has a couple options for digital signage software: PRO and SAAS.


PRO and SAAS are available with Remote Service, which can be managed from anywhere, any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) and from any operating system (Windows, Mac, Android, Blackberry).

Digital Signage Features


Rs 14,000
For Basic Use


Rs 17, 500

For Advanced Use
Monthly / Annual Fees NONE NONE
Media Player Compatible Media Players from Rs 10,200 to Rs 17000 Media Players from Rs 10,200 to Rs 17000
Remotely Manage Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device
Customizable Templates 1,000+ Templates including Menu Boards
Display Live Weather Current, Short Term and Weekly Forecast
Display Images
Display PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Display Scrolling Banner
Media Player Alert Monitoring Failure Email Alerts after 2, 6 and 24 hours
Playlist Monitoring Playlist Alerts in case of expiring Content
Screen Management Auto Screen ON / OFF Auto Screen ON / OFF
Two Factor Authentication
Support - Phone and Email* Phone and Email Phone and Email
Template Upgrades
Software Upgrades

* Upgrades and Technical Support via Email and Phone is included for the 1st year. Additional support can be purchased as per the table given below.

Additional Support

Installation (Only Media Player) Rs. 6,800 Rs. 10,200
Installation (upto 42" LED TV - Wall) Rs. 13,600 Rs. 13,600
Installation (Internet Testing) Rs. 6800 Rs. 6800
Training Rs. 6,800 Rs. 13,600
Each site visit Rs. 6,800 Rs. 6,800